AFS International Diversity Scholarship Guidelines

The Galatti Award Diversity Scholarship is a scholarship awarded to the AFS Chapter that produced a Galatti Award winner. The scholarship award is meant as recognition of the exemplary work done by the AFS Chapter’s Galatti Award winner.

Beneficiary of the Partial Scholarship:
The scholarship is intended to be applied to the total cost of an AFS program for a participant selected from the Galatti Award winner’s AFS chapter. There are two requirements that should be met as part of the selection criteria:

  • Demonstrated financial need: The participant would not be able to participate in an AFS program without the financial assistance provided by the scholarship.

  • Diversity: The scholarship award is intended to encourage and enable the AFS Chapter to increase the diversity, in all of its dimensions, of AFS participants in their region and add to the cultural mix of those who participate in an AFS program.

Scholarship Amount:
The scholarship amount associated with the Galatti Award is determined by the availability of AFS International Diversity Scholarship Funds in any given year. For this year, Galatti Award year, the amount of the partial scholarship will be USD 2,500.

Scholarship Recipient Selection:
The national AFS Partner organization will coordinate the scholarship participant’s selection process. AFS International encourages the Galatti Award winner and the constituents of the Galatti Award winner’s chapter to be involved in the selection of the scholarship award recipient, working with the national AFS Partner.

Claiming the Scholarship:
Once a participant has been selected, a representative of the national AFS Partner will be required to send the following information in an email with the subject line “Galatti Award – AFS International Diversity Scholarship” to the attention of Christine Leimgruber at AFS International:

  • Participant’s name
  • Program information (the program and cycle for which the applicant has been selected).
  • A short description of how the applicant meets the selection criteria outlined above.
  • Once this information is received and reviewed, AFS will notify the AFS Partner to request the scholarship award through the Financial Module.

Feel free to contact  Christine Leimgruber (christine.leimgruber@afs.org)  if you have any questions.
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